Thursday, 9 May 2013

Why Use Braided Brake Lines?

Many whom want to upgrade their brake systems within their vehicles might well be favouring steel braided brake lines as an aftermarket improvement to a performance vehicle. Although before any descision is made, it's vital to understand how braided brake hoses differ from the standard factory brake hoses in your motor and how they work.

Brake Lines in a Braking System

Brake Hoses are one of the most essential parts of the brake system. Most vehicles will use a hydraulic brake system. Which means the braking power is caused by fluid being pressurised in the brake caliper. The brake hoses of a vehicle then have to carry that fluid from the master cylinder to the caliper, and they have to do it promptly. When your brake hoses are not in the best shape, the power of your braking may be reduced, or potentially even fail.

Braided Brake Lines: Advantages

A lot of drivers of specialty vehicles prefer steel braided brake lines for a couple of reasons. Off-road drivers appreciate the difficulty for stray objects to puncture the braided brake line designs. Another feature is that braided brake lines are subject to significantly less of a bulge when pressure is placed upon them. In a braking situation, brake lines bulge under pressure. The lesser the bulge the better, because it aids to retain the integrity of the brake line. This is the reason why some race cars and other vehicles carry steel braided brake lines as opposed to the standard lines.

More About Steel Braided Brake Lines

In the end, the important thing is the integrity of the braking system as a whole. The brake rotors must to be functional and aligned or calibrated properly. The brake hoses need to be secure. Any kind of damage to the vehicle's brake system can be extremely dangerous on the road. That's why many car owners trust local shops to repair and maintain their brake systems with the best parts and techniques for safe road operation.

CAM Auto stock the Goodridge brand of brake lines. The Goodridge brake lines are a great choice for performance brake lines. Both car brake hoses and motorcycle brake hoses. They keep the motors braking performance extremely strong and do not swell like rubber brake lines will. With a swollen line this decreases the brake fluid pressure, which will often compromise the vehicle's overall braking power.

For more information about brake lines or to view our range of Goodridge hoses, please visit our website: CAM Auto Developments.

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