Friday, 9 November 2012

CAM Auto now an official supplier of Lifeline

CAM Auto Developments are now a proud supplier of a range of Lifeline products. CAM Auto is one of a few UK suppliers and the only one in the county of Hertfordshire.

The range of Lifeline products extends across all types of car fire extinguisher, including Lifeline 360, Lifeline 2000, Hand Held Extinguishers and Lifeline Accessories. As well as offering the products themselves CAM Auto Development also offer a full fire extinguisher refill and fire extinguisher servicing for your Lifeline extinguisher.

When choosing a car fire extinguisher, it is possible to have an economic solution provided the limitations are recognised and accommodated. The first step is to pinpoint the risk, potential consequences and set a budget accordingly. In-car safety equipment has one primary function and that is to save life. Secondary to that, certainly as far as the extinguisher equipment is concerned, is to save property – the car - and as such should be considered the same as insurance. It therefore follows that the best available option should be used to save both life and vehicle wherever possible.

Although Lifeline are specialists in car fire extinguishers, they also have a great range of car racing parts which are all available from CAM Auto. These include Steering Wheel Boss, Car Mirrors and Roll Cage Padding.

CAM Auto are proud to supply this range of Lifeline products and has already met great interest from our customers, to check out these products please visit the Lifeline Fire page at the CAM Auto website. Alternatively to discuss your requirements give us a call on: 01727 827717.

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